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Malchi Mortgages has been servicing the American/English speaking mortgage market in Israel for close to a decade. Founded on the principles of making mortgage information as clearly and as readily available to homeowners, Malchi Mortgages’ goal is to provide exceptional and personalized customer service. In addition to extremely competitive rates, our customers receive a fully tailored financial plan, to ensure successful deals. 

The complexities of the mortgage market can be particularly difficult to navigate for non-Israelis, and we focus on making the process as smooth and as seamless as possible.  We believe owning a home is the best way to anchor oneself to life in Israel and can be a vital step in establishing financial security.

Malchi Mortgages’ greatest strength is in overcoming any obstacles or difficulties clients may face in securing their financing.

Our core advantages and beliefs are:

Build the client’s financial profile with detailed analysis, listening to the client’s wants and desires.

Ensure the home purchase is in line with the client’s needs and ability.

Discuss comprehensive reports and potential risks, including long-term costs.

Completely transparent process with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

Working with all banks and financial institutions to secure the best rates for a given situation.

Strictly work with the top legal and real estate partners.

Prompt, personalized service every step of the way, including follow-up. 

At the head of our firm is Odiel Malchi.  A new immigrant to Israel himself as a young teen, Odiel understands the confusing process olim can face while dealing with a new environment and a new language.  Odiel has a BA in Business from Machon Lev (JCT) and worked for Bank Discount and Bank Jerusalem, specializing in mortgages for businesses and foreign clients. 

Odiel offers his services specifically to the English-speaking community. He sees financing a home as a way for new immigrants to anchor themselves to their new lives in Israel and finds assisting with this process deeply gratifying. 

Odiel’s expertise allows Malchi Mortgage to deliver exceptional service, personalized and customized precisely to the client’s needs.  His many contacts ensure you get the best rates, including the best terms you might not yet be aware of. Whether it’s financing a new loan, refinancing or consolidating a new loan, our transparent process will put you sleeping in your new home in Israel in no time at all. 



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